Thursday, March 15, 2012

Enabling Privileged Accounts for Lync

While it is not recommended to enable privileged accounts (e.g. Domain Admins) for Lync or Exchange, sometimes it is needed.

By default, Lync blocks the option when trying to enable a Domain Admin from the Lync Control Panel.  In my example, I am enabling the Administrator account.  I receive the following error:

Active Directory operation failed on <DC server name>. You cannot retry this operation: “Insufficient access rights to perform the operation…..”

Lync - Enable Admin failure

The error is pretty explanatory.  So to test out the solution in the error, we should try enabling the privileged account by:

  • Logging into server as a member of the Domain Admins group
  • Enabling the user using the Lync Management Shell (LMS)

So trying again from the Lync Management Shell:

Enable-CsUser Administrator –SipAddressType SamAccountName –SipDomain –RegistrarPool

Lync - Enable Admin command

The command runs successfully and now the Administrator account is enabled for Lync.

Lync - Enable Admin CP

Enabling privileged accounts must be performed from the Lync Management Shell.


  1. "Enabling privileged accounts must be performed from the Lync Management Shell." - Not exactly correct - the issue also occurs with these accounts when enabling for Active Sync in Exchange 2010 - go to the AD poperties (make sure Advanced Features is enabled) select the "security" tab > select "Advanced" UNCHECK "include iheritable premissions from this objects parents" then Enable user don't worry in about an Hour AD will reanable the setting

  2. Intersting and beautiful blog lovely presentation thanks for sharing your software support

  3. "While it is not recommended to enable privileged accounts (e.g. Domain Admins) for Lync or Exchange, sometimes it is needed."

    Out of curiosity, why is this not recommended?

    1. It's more of and AD/security discussion. I never recommend using priviledge accounts for daily activity (email, IM, etc.). If that account gets compromised or infected with a virus, there are no bounds for possible spread of attack. So always split your everyday account from your administrative account.

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