Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lync 2013 February Updates and Downloads

Update (2/27/2013): Added Server CU1 and other tools released!

A few Lync 2013 related updates and downloads were made available this month.  I will update this post when the new server updates are available.

Server (8308.291) – DownloadKB 2809243

Note: Use the cumulative LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe to install the updates to make sure all needed updates are applied. Please also follow KB 2809243 to update the backend database.

Clients (15.0.4454.1506)


  • Lync Resource Kit Tools (8308.291) – Download
  • Lync Planning Tool (8308.279) – Download
  • Lync Connectivity Analyzer 32-bit (8308.289) - Download
  • Lync Connectivity Analyzer 64-bit (8308.289) - Download
  • Lync Capacity Calculator – Download
  • Lync Debugging Tools (8308.291) – Download
  • Stress and Performance Tool (8308.279) – Download
  • Whiteboard Archiving Viewer (8308.291) – Download
  • Persistent Chat SDK (8308.291) – Download
  • Persistent Chat Resource Kit (8308.291) – Download
  • Documentation Help File (CHM) – Download
  • Visio Stencil – Download


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