Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lync November 2011 Server and Client Updates Released (CU4)

The Lync team has released server and client updates for November 2011. There are a lot of important updates in this CU, including preparing your environment for mobile clients.  Here are all the details:

Server Updates (7577.183) – DownloadKB 2493736

Note: Use the cumulative LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe to install the updates to make sure all needed updates are applied.

Clients (7577.4051)

Phone Edition (7577.4047)

Group Chat


  1. Has anyone noticed that after applying the latest lync updates to your edge servers you can now login with any user without a password? This started happening in our test environment after applying the update. I have checked with one of my peers who also runs a lync environment and he is having the same issue. He did not notice it until I pointed it out. You still have to type in a password for your director and front end pools. This is happening on our edge pool.

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