Monday, October 3, 2011

BUG: Lync Stress Tool and SQL Named Instances

The Lync Server Stress and Performance Tool has a major flaw when using a named SQL instance for the Lync back-end databases.  This post is based on the 7577.120 version of the tool and will not go into all of the ins and outs of the tool.


First off, the GUI and field descriptions in the User Creation tool are very misleading.   Looking at the “Server” tab, it seems pretty straight forward on what to enter in the SQL fields…

Lync Stress - Server Tab - markup

Not the case, according to the Documentation, the following descriptions are used for those fields:

  • SQL BE Machine – type the name of the SQL Server Back End physical node
  • SQL Instance – type the database name

The database name in the Instance field?  Ok, so where do I put my Instance name?  All good questions… the problem is that this is the bug.  The tool does not allow for the SQL instance to be properly entered.  The following examples show different permutations trying to get the right information entered to represent the actual topology.


Note: my actual SQL config is LABSQL01\Lync (Servername\Instance)

Variation #1:

Lync Stress - Config - Server - Instance

The tool will refer to the database and instance name as “Lync” (obviously, my database is not named “Lync”):

Lync Stress - Server - Instance

Variation #2:

Lync Stress - Config - Server - Database

The tool will refer to the database and instance name as “RTC”(obviously, my SQL instance is not named “RTC”):

Lync Stress - Server - Database

Variation #3:

Lync Stress - Config - ServerInstance - DB

The tool will add “RTC” as part of the Instance name and also the DB name:

Lync Stress - ServerInstance - DB

Variation #4:

Lync Stress - Config - Server - InstanceDB

The tool will add “Lync\RTC” as part of the Instance name and also the DB name:

Lync Stress - Server - InstanceDB


Basically whatever is entered into the “SQL Instance” field will be used as the Instance and database name.

This could potentially be a great tool to use in the field, but currently it is only useful in a handful of deployments (Standard Edition or default instance installations of SQL back-end).  This has been reported to Microsoft and has been acknowledged as a known issue.  Hopefully a new release will soon be out.


  1. It doesn't work for default instances of SQL backend...only if the instance is named 'rtc'.

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  3. this is a rubbish tool. can't believe MS would release such a rubbish.

  4. I don't know if anyone had any luck with this but I tried with an instance called "RTC" and still had not luck. I kept running into the 1st and 2nd errors pointed out here.

    1. Hi Jose,
      This worked for me:
      On the front end server from the startup menu select MS SQL Server2008.
      Next, select Configuration Tools, SQL Config. Manager.
      Expand SQL Native Client 10.0 Config (32 bit)
      Right click Aliases and select "new alias"
      Under Alias name type you SQL BE machine name e.g.LABSQL01
      Port: 1433
      Protocol: TCP/IP
      Server :RTC
      and save.
      Do the same with SQL Native Client 10.0 Config. option.

      Now on the Lync Perf Tool User Creation Window enter:
      SQLBE Machine:"your SQL server name" (e.g.LABSQL01) and
      SQL instance: RTC.
      Hope this helps.

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