Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Viewing and Reverting Default Global Policy Settings in Lync Server

Have you been in the situation where you have messed around with policy settings and wish you could refer to what were the default settings?

Do you wish you could revert (or reset) the global policies back to their original settings?

If so, this blog post is for you.  Lync has provided a few easy ways to accomplish these tasks.  Note that the commands will only work on Global Policies.

Determining Default Global Policy Settings

By running Get-CsUser in the Lync Management Shell, you will notice that a user can be assigned many different kinds of policies.  For example, Voice Policy, Client Policy, Conferencing policy, and so on.

Lync Pol - Get-CsUser - markup

If the Policy is blank, that means that the user will apply whatever is defined in the Global policy.  You can find out the settings in a Global policy by running the Get-CsXXXPolicy –Identity Global.  For this blog I will be using the Voice Policy as my example.

Running: Get-CsVoicePolicy –Identity Global | fl, I can see what is currently configured.

Lync Pol - Get-CsVoicePolicy

The –InMemory parameter lets you create a policy that exists only in memory.  This lets you view the default values for the specified policy.  Note this will not actually create a policy.

Running: New-CsVoicePolicy –Identity “DiscoverDefaults” –InMemory

Lync Pol - New-CsVoicePolicy-In Memory

This allows me to compare what I have set in my Global policy to what the default settings are.

Revert Any Global Policy Back to Default Values

Although you cannot remove a global object you can use a Remove-CsXXXPolicy cmdlet to reset all the properties in that object to their default values.  If you run the Remove-CsXXXPolicy cmdlet against any policy besides the Global policy, it will delete your policy.

Running: Remove-CsVoicePolicy –Identity Global will reset the Global policy back to its original values

Lync Pol - Remove-CsVoicePolicy Global

We can now check the settings of the policy by running:

Get-CsVoicePolicy –Identity Global | fl

Lync Pol - Get-CsVoicePolicy after reset

This post showed how to check what default values are in the Global policies and also showed how to revert a Global policy back to its default values.