Friday, July 8, 2011

Lync Topology Validator

I wish that the Lync Resource Kit tools were part of the core Lync install, but it is not.  You can download it HERE. There is a great tool part of the resource kit called Topology Validator.  This tool uses synthetic transactions and combines a multitude of testing cmdlets into a single tool that can test the health of the following:

  • Service installation check
  • Register
  • Peer to peer IM
  • Group IM
  • Presence
  • Peer to peer A/V
  • A/V conference
  • Peer to peer PSTN call
  • PSTN outbound call
  • Address book
  • Location policy
  • Location information service configuration
  • Dial-in conferencing
  • Address book web query
  • Client authentication
  • Federation
  • Phone bootstrap

To run the Topology Validator, first install the Lync Resource Kit tools downloaded above on your Lync server.  The Topology Validator is a command-line only tool and can be run by launching command prompt and running:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Reskit\TopologyValidator\> TopologyValidator.exe

You can also run TopologyValidator.exe /? to see other options.

Lync - TPV - command

When the tool starts, it will ask what FQDN to test against.  I will choose my Front-End pool:

Lync - TPV - menu

The tool will then ask for sip addresses and credentials of two users.  If you have outbound PSTN connectivity, you can also enter that information:

Lync - TPV - creds

After all information is entered, all test will be run and reported on the screen.  You can easily see what tests passed and failed.

Lync - TPV - command - results

The Topology Validator also stores all output files and an HTML report in the \%temp%\TopologyValidator folder:

Lync - TPV - file location - markup

Opening the HTML report gives all results and details behind each test:

 Lync - TPV - report

You can expand each test, see the commands used and also the logs of the test run. 

This is a great troubleshooting and validation tool to use in your environment. I highly encourage it!

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