Monday, September 10, 2012

Failover\Fallback SQL Mirror in Lync Server 2013

NOTE: The following post is based on Lync Server 2013 Preview. Procedures and screenshots are subject to change when Lync Server 2013 is RTM.

In my previous post, I described how to add a SQL mirror to your back-end database for SQL high availability.  In this post, I will describe how to failover and then fallback the SQL databases between the mirror.

Before failing over the SQL mirror, you need to determine whether or not your back-end database is hosting the Central Management Store (CMS) database.  You can determine this by running the following command:

Get-CsService –CentralManagement

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - get-csservice

If the output shows the pool that you are failing over the back-end for then you must failover the CMS database.  In my lab I have all databases as part of the mirror configuration: User, CMS, Archiving, Monitoring, Apps, PersistentChat, PersistentChatCompliance:

Primary SQL Node:

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - pricipal

Mirror SQL Node:

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - mirror

You can also check the state of your mirror status by running the following:

Get-CsDatabaseMirrorState –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType User

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - get-mirrorstate user

The supported –DatabaseType values are: App, Archiving, CentralMgmt, Monitoring, Provision, User, PersistentChat, PersistentChatCompliance

I need to run the following commands to failover all databases:

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType User –NewPrincipal mirror

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - invoke-failover user

Now I run the similar command for the rest of my database types:

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType App –NewPrincipal mirror

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType CentralMgmt –NewPrincipal mirror

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType Archiving –NewPrincipal mirror

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType Monitoring –NewPrincipal mirror

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN labad03lyse01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType PersistentChat –NewPrincipal mirror (note that my persistent chat pool is my Standard Edition server)

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN labad03lyse01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType PersistentChatCompliance –NewPrincipal mirror (note that my persistent chat pool is my Standard Edition server)

After all commands have been executed, I can look at my SQL nodes again and see that my mirror node now has the active database:

Primary SQL Node:

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - primary - post failover

Mirror SQL Node:

Lync 2013 - SQL M failover - mirror - post failover

When you are ready to fallback to the primary SQL node, just run the same commands but change the –NewPrincipal parameter to “primary”

Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover –PoolFQDN pool01.w15lab.local –DatabaseType User –NewPrincipal primary

Lync 2013 - SQL M fallback- invoke-failover user

This post describes how to manually fail your mirror databases over to the secondary SQL node and then fall back.


  1. if any automatic failover occurs, when the reason for the failover is corrected, will the DBs fail back to primary automatically? Thank you, very nice article.

    1. I have the same query on this. When using a witness for auto failover will it fall back to primary without intervention when the primary node is back up and synchronisation is complete

    2. No, even with a witness there is no auto fail back to the primary. You need to either manuallyl failover the databases back to the primary or restart the mirror node to fail back to primary.

  2. Here's an interesting point to consider while you are in failover:

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