Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Changing DTMF Control Mappings for Audio Conferencing in Lync

Many companies are learning the extreme value of Lync these days.  One of the easiest ways to gain immediate ROI is to replace your hosted audio conferencing service with Lync dial-in conferencing.  If you have been a user of any hosted service, you are most likely familiar with managing the roster meeting participants through DTMF key mappings.  Most likely the Lync DTMF mappings are not going to match exactly what you are used to and you may need to adjust some of the key mappings.

From the Outlook invite, users can view the dial-in conferencing information by clicking the “Find local number” link or by browsing to the Simple URL that was assigned in the Lync topology.

Outlook Invite:

Lync DTMF - Outlook invite - markup

Topology Builder:

Lync DTMF - TB URL - markup

By clicking the references above, the Dial-in Conferencing web Page will show the default DTMF mappings:

Lync DTMF - default - markup

Administrators can view and configure the current mappings from the Lync Management Shell.  To view the current configuration, run Get-CsDialInConferencingDtmfConfiguration

Lync DTMF - default - PS

Note, you can have different DTMF configuration mappings defined on a Global or Site scope level.  To create a site scope for DTMF mappings, use the New-CsDialInConferencingDtmfConfiguration cmdlet.

An administrator can change the mappings by using the Set-CsDialinConferencingDtmfConfiguration cmdlet.  The following are valid configurations:

  • Command Character: # or *
  • Commands: single digit 0-9

In my example, I am going to change the Mute/Unmute command to “2” and the Admit All command to “0”.  I will also change the Command Character to #.  The following command will make my configuration settings:

Set-DialInConferencingDtmfConfiguration –CommandCharacter “#” –MuteUnmuteCommand 2 –AdmitAll 0

Lync DTMF - PS change

Now the new configuration can be seen in the powershell or Dial-in conferencing web page:

Lync DTMF - change - PS

Lync DTMF - web change

This post shows how to change the default DTMF mappings used for managing audio conferences.


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