Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BUG: Exchange 2010 Personal Archive Display Name in Outlook 2010

This post is based on Exchange 2010 SP1 with Update Rollup 1 and Outlook 2010 with latest updates.

Let’s consider that we would like the name of the Personal Archive to be more descriptive for our users.  We can change the Display Name for the archive to display whatever we want.  There appears to be a bug with the display name of the Personal Archive Display Name in Outlook 2010.  OWA displays the name correctly. 

Let’s look at default settings of my Personal Archive by running the following command:

Get-Mailbox 2010sp1b | fl *archive*

ArchErr - EMS - before

The default view from Outlook 2010 doesn’t match the exact Display Name of “Online Archive – 2010SP1b” as shown above from the “ArchiveName” parameter:

ArchErr - Outlook - before - markup

The default view from OWA does match the “ArchiveName” parameter:

ArchErr - OWA - before - markup

Now let’s change the “ArchiveName” parameter to something more descriptive by running the following command:

Set-Mailbox 2010sp1b –ArchiveName “KEEP FOREVER”

ArchErr - EMS - after

Again, the view in Outlook 2010 does not update to match the “ArchiveName” parameter:

ArchErr - Outlook - after - markup

But, OWA 2010 does update to match:

ArchErr - OWA - after - markup

Anyone know of or have a fix to force Outlook 2010 to update the Archive Display Name?


  1. Seems like a cosmetic issue. But then, your normal mailbox also doesn't display the Displayname but the @ address instead. I'm currently looking at Outlook which does display my displayname. Odd.

  2. In addition, you should also be able to alter the displayname by right-clicking on the mailbox > Properties > Mailbox Features tab > Archive > Properties where you can change the archive name.

  3. eightwone - good thoughts, changing the Archive properties is the same as change the ArchiveName parameter in EMS. Still only updates the Display Name in OWA and not Outlook. Idea is to rename all archives in a organization to make the archive name more descriptive for the users. May be cosmetic, but seems like it should update in Outlook if it does in OWA. Keep the thoughts coming!

  4. I've noticed this too.

    I vote bug. I have an email from an Exchange Team member saying the rename should work in OLK 2010 as well as OWA.


  5. Hello all,

    Have the same situation, but in addition to that, I display OWA in French, and all items are displayed in French except for the Arvhive Name, which displays in English ...
    And I also have my Mailbox name in Outlook 2010 display my email address vs my Display Name ... Would like to change that too ...

  6. Actually you can rename those folders in MFCMapi, that's how I did it. Old topic but oh well.

  7. Was there a fix for this bug? Still running into this 2+ years later?

  8. Got this bug after installing SP3 Rollup1
    Any solutions?

  9. Same problem here; After SP3 CU1.
    Any news?

  10. Move archive mailbox to an other archive-mailboxdatabase to resynchronise "archivename" and "displayname".

    PWS CMD:
    New-MoveRequest "user name" -ArchiveOnly -ArchiveTargetDatabase "target_DB_Name"

  11. I have moved archive mailbox to different database but in outlook 2010 it still display .

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