Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Disabling Password Expiration for Office 365

I use an Office 365 account (E3 SKU) for most of my personal email.  One of the things that bugs me, say every 90 days or so, is the password expiration.  Because there is no great notification through ActiveSync or Outlook Anywhere, I find my password expiring on me at the worst times.  Also, every 90 days or so, I tell my self that I am going to get around to setting my password to not expire.  Well today is that day!

I am sure there are a ton of blogs out there on this, but I decided to go ahead and document the process on my blog since I use my blog as a personal documentation repository for several things.

Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft Online PowerShell Module

There is no GUI option to disable passwords within the Office 365 portal, so powershell it is.  You can download the Microsoft Online Services PowerShell module here:

I downloaded the 64-bit module and started the install on my desktop:

O365 - PS download

Default options for the installation will be fine.

Step 2: Use PowerShell Module to Connect to Office 365

Open the Microsoft Online Service Module for Powershell and connect to Office 365 by running: Connect-MsolService.  This will prompt for credentials.  Enter credentials that have administrator rights within your online tenant. 

O365 - connect-cred

Step 3: Configure User for No Password Expiration

You can view the properties of your user account by running:

Get-MsolUser –UserPrincipalName <username> | fl

Below shows all the parameters that can be configured for the user.  I am focusing on the PasswordNeverExpires parameter:

O365 - get-user - markup

Now to set the account so that the password will not expire, I run:

Set-MsolUser –UserPrincipalName <username> –PasswordNeverExpires $true

O365 - set-user

Now I am set!


  1. Wow this was exactly what I needed, why is it not possible through the Microsoft 365 site though? Never had to download an application before just to change such a simple setting.

  2. Doesn't the Microsoft Online PowerShell Module require the Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant?

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for describing step-by-step all the process of disabling Password Expiration for Microsoft Office 365, your detailed explanation helped me a lot to make my work more comfortable.

  4. He he... that is some sneaky info you got there my friend.